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Fulfill Your Potential

JL Blake can help you reach your career goals by matching up industrial opportunities with your knowledge and expertise in Sales, Business Development and Executive Management. Candidates who work with us enhance their careers.

Give us the opportunity to introduce you to leading-edge companies that are actively hiring.

Establish Connections

As a professional you understand the importance of developing and maintaining your network. As recruiting professionals, we work hard at building our network of employers – industry leaders, manufacturers and suppliers who need your skills to make their businesses more profitable.

Make a Good Impression

Our job is to market your skills and experience to hiring managers at companies offering positions suited to your requirements.

We can help polish your resume and prepare you for the interview so you'll make a positive impression and gain valuable information you need to make a sound decision about a potential opportunity.

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News You Can Use

Resume Tips for Candidates (pdf)

We’ve all seen the resume books that show sample resumes. Some are good, some, not so much. Here are some tips you can use to make your resume more effective.

Sample Resume (pdf)

Follow our template to make your skills and experience stand out to potential employers.

Essential Interview Tips for Candidates (pdf)

Everyone thinks they know how to interview. We’ve all done it a million times. In 20+ years as a recruiter, I’ve found out, sometimes the hard way, that the people who think they know the most are usually wrong. Here’s some straight talk about interviewing as a candidate.

CLAMPS - Why People Change jobs (pdf)

Why do people change jobs? Invariably it’s for one or more of 6 reasons, aptly described by the acronym CLAMPS.

Get The Job You Want

JL Blake offers these candidate services:

  • Job Market Appraisal
  • Candidate Marketing
  • Resume Counseling
  • Interview Preparation
  • Compensation Negotiations
  • Career Counseling

Trust Our Experience

We offer more than 21 years of experience as a recruiter for professionals in the industrial manufacturing marketplace.

Let JL Blake help you find your place in this growing field.

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